Educational Attainment

The following table contains data on education attainment within the City of Lacey. Data for all of Thurston County is quite similar. Data (most recent available) are from 2014.  Source: US Census..

Education Attainment--City of Lacey

2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates
Population 18 to 24 years4,3212,0792,242
Less than high school graduate11.2%15.0%7.6%
High school graduate (includes equivalency)32.5%35.8%29.4%
Some college or associate's degree51.2%45.6%56.4%
Bachelor's degree or higher5.1%3.6%6.6%
Population 25 years and over29,53013,69415,836
Less than 9th grade3.1%2.2%4.0%
9th to 12th grade, no diploma3.4%3.3%3.5%
High school graduate (includes equivalency)24.0%24.9%23.1%
Some college, no degree28.4%26.9%29.7%
Associate's degree10.1%10.1%10.0%
Bachelor's degree19.9%19.9%19.8%
Graduate or professional degree11.2%12.7%9.9%
Percent high school graduate or higher93.5%94.5%92.5%
Percent bachelor's degree or higher31.0%32.6%29.7%
Population 25 to 34 years7,6153,5014,114
High school graduate or higher96.9%97.1%96.8%
Bachelor's degree or higher28.3%25.3%30.8%
Population 35 to 44 years5,6913,0802,611
High school graduate or higher94.9%93.4%96.6%
Bachelor's degree or higher33.3%29.5%37.8%
Population 45 to 64 years9,5954,5065,089
High school graduate or higher92.7%94.7%90.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher30.0%34.4%26.2%
Population 65 years and over6,6292,6074,022
High school graduate or higher89.5%92.1%87.7%
Bachelor's degree or higher33.8%43.0%27.8%


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