Sign Regulation

The City of Lacey wants your business to be successful.  For most businesses, that requires signage to make their potential customers aware of their products, services, and location.  In 2015, the City revised its sign ordinance, with extensive involvement by the business community, to foster that business success.

Lacey’s Sign Ordinance (Lacey Municipal Code Title 16.75) divides sign designations into three categories: Commercial and Industrial Signs, Residential Signs, and Temporary Signs. Each category has a specific set of regulations.

Commercial and Industrial Signs

Signs permitted in commercial areas (subject to size and design standards identified in the sign ordinance) include free-standing, informational, directional, internal circulation, marquee and awning, and wall signs. Certain temporary signs are also permissible.

Residential Signs

Apart from signs identifying residential subdivisions, or multi-family complexes, business signs for home-based businesses in residential subdivisions are limited to two square feet, flush mounted to the house.  Residents are also advised to check with their homeowners’ association to determine if such a sign, or such a use is permitted under the homeowners’ association’s bylaws, and covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs).

Temporary Signs

The types of temporary signs allowed in the City of Lacey are: real estate (for sale or for rent), open house, construction, grand opening, political, garage sale, banners, seasonal sales, sandwich board signs, and special events.  Temporary signs can be a helpful and cost effective method to publicize special or short-term needs. This type of signage is regulated to minimize the visual clutter which could result from a proliferation of signs.  For more information on temporary signs, please follow this link

Temporary Signs Requiring NO Permit:

  • Real Estate Signs (must be made of durable materials)
  • Open House Signs
  • Temporary / Seasonal Sales
  • Political Signs
  • Garage Sale

Prohibited Signs  

  • Roof signs
  • Animated signs
  • Flashing signs
  • Portable signs
  • Signs that imitate an official traffic sign
  • Signs projecting over or located on a sidewalk or public right-of-way (except awnings or marquees in commercial zones)
  • Signs attached to public owned poles such as traffic signal/sign poles, and power or telephone poles
  • Strings of banners/pennants, and other graffiti-like material
  • Free-standing pole/pylon signs

Sign Departure

A departure is a City-approved way to provide applicants with the option of proposing alternative design treatments as outlined in LMC 16.75.040(C), provided such departures meet or exceed design standards of the sign ordinance. To apply for a departure, submit the Signage Departure Application. [link to application]

Apply for a Sign Permit

Residential and Commercial / Industrial Signs
Fill out a Sign Permit Application (also available at the Community Development counter.) Submit with site plan, sign design drawings, dimensions, mountings, and fees (where applicable).

For more information on signs, please visit the Community Development Department.

Temporary Signs
Fill out a Temporary Sign Permit Application indicating the type of sign you are requesting and provide an acknowledgment of the regulations pertaining to that type of sign.

Sign Permit Fees

For sign permit fees, please visit the Community Development Department website.