Federal Foreign Trade Zone


Federal Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)–Businesses located in Lacey have access to the benefits of a Federal Foreign-Trade Zone, which helps American companies improve their competitive position versus their counterparts abroad. The FTZ program allows US-based companies to defer, reduce, or even eliminate Customs duties on products admitted to the Zone. For example:

  • Domestic goods involving foreign items can be processed in the Zone to eliminate or reduce Customs duties
  • Duty-free treatment is accorded items that are re-exported and duty payment is deferred on items sold in the U.S. market
  • Companies increase their cash flow, save taxes, and improve their bottom line by locating their operations in FTZs
  • FTZ savings by companies create additional opportunities for suppliers and service providers
  • The FTZ program promotes American competitiveness by encouraging companies to maintain and expand their operations in the United States
  • The FTZ program corrects trade imbalances with favorable treatment of products made in a U.S. foreign-trade zone, for purposes of Customs tariffs

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