In this unprecedented time, customers are wary of taking any unnecessary trips outside of their homes. As a result, many businesses are finding their revenue streams dried up, and many business owners worry about the long-term sustainability of their businesses.


Fortunately, there are several cost-free steps that business owners can take to stabilize their revenue and see increases in their leads, sales, and income. In this Build Your Market class, you will learn the strategies that you can adopt to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities presented by the economic downturn, and ways you can actively grow your business so that it’s even more resilient in the future.


Due to special funding from the City of Lacey, businesses located inside the Lacey City limits are eligible for a scholarship, so the cost to the business owner is zero: more important than ever in this difficult time.  For more information, please click here.

April 28, 2020
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