Lacey’s Largest Employers

Who are the largest employers in the Lacey area?  The best answer comes from information that was recently updated by the Thurston Economic Development Council: the list of the largest employers in Thurston County.

Not surprisingly, given Thurston County being the site of the state capital, state government makes up the single largest employer with more than 24,600 employees. Rounding out public sector employers are local governments, with 12,556 employees, and the federal government with 869 employees in Thurston County. Employees in public higher education and school districts are included in the local government employment numbers.

To see a complete list of major employers, please click here.  The information reflects the largest employers in Thurston County, and in Pierce County.  Numbers for both counties are presented due to Lacey’s immediate proximity to Pierce County, as well as the high level of cross-county economic activity.  Thurston data are provided by the Thurston Economic Development Council.  Data for Pierce County are presented by the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County.

December 21, 2018
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